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Been a while, again...

Ok, so I was on vacation in Seattle for a few months, and then I started school. I'm pretty much accustomed to my schedule and whatnot now, and I'm starting to get back into Game Development mode here.

The game engine I'll be using is shaping up nicely. I think it, plus the use of C++ and objects will make things a lot easier on me, design wise... It's called Destiny3D. I've made a few engine changes since I first decided to make a game, but they're all defferent incarnations of the same thing.

First, Jet3D, which was origionally going to be Genesis3D 2.0, but that was too unstable, and incomplete. No development was being done.

Then I switched to Genesis3D 1.1. Older, but stable and complete.

Then I was planning to switch to Genesis3D classic, which was going to be the updated Genesis Engine, but they changed the name to Destiny3D.

Brief bit of useless history for anyone who cares.
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