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Ok, so after a long time of floundering and wondering where to get started, I ended up making significant progress in the design documentation for my game. I had been trying to use someone else's design doc template for my game, and I guess it either wasn't a good match for my project, or my brain. Probably my brain is more likely, though it could be both.

Anywho, I've made more progress in the past few weeks than the past 6 months. It's like everything suddenly made sense when I started going about it a different way.

I'm working on the general game architecture right now. Since I've never worked on a completed game before, I'm not completely sure how to organize everything, but I'm just trying to work the logic out in my head, and produce an algorithm. I can always change it later, if I leave anything out, or stuff just doesn't work.

I'm also fine-tuning my idea of how exactly to write the story. I figured out a way that I can enlist outside writers, like the group of writers which inspired this game in the first place. Basically, I'd just have them write small sections and send them back to me, and then I'd write the next level down to make sure it all fit together, and then send that out to them, and repeat the process. Perhaps I can get my younger brothers to help write it. They're really creative.
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